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VorteXML convierte fácil y rápidamente cualquier dato en forma de texto estructurado ASCII/ANSI (como informes, facturas, archivos de registro, HTML, etc.), generado por cualquier aplicación, en XML válido para los servicios web usando cualquier DTD o esquema, de manera automática o manual, sin necesidad de programar.

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VorteXML software quickly and easily converts any structured ASCII/ANSI text data (such as reports, invoices, purchase orders, log files, HTML, etc.) generated from any system into valid XML for web services and more using any DTD or schema on an automated or ad hoc, programming-free basis.

A key XML web services roadblock is how to generate valid XML code. VorteXML solves this challenge, converting existing text files to XML. Now business text output an organization already produces becomes valid XML, programming-free!

Greatly simplifying the transformation of text files to XML, VorteXML also provides transformation capabilities that allow for complete population of the XML document.

VorteXML dramatically speeds up and reduces the cost of enabling current applications for web services, implementing enterprise XML systems, putting legacy output on the web (including bill presentment), and more.

The VorteXML solution suite is comprised of two powerful software products that work together:

  • VorteXML Designer is a desktop tool that provides users a visual interface that allows them to build and test re-useable profiles to extract, transform and map data from existing text documents into XML without programming. It may also be used for simple one-time conversions.
  • VorteXML Server provides a scalable, high-volume product that automates the extraction and conversion of text documents into XML. It includes facilities that perform automated processing of profiles created by VorteXML Designer as well as a simple API.

With VorteXML Designer, you can:

  • Quickly and easily generate XML documents from existing structured text output, such as reports, EDI, invoices, log files, HTML files and more
  • Perform XML conversions without programming
  • Work with text data files generated from any computer system
  • Visually map extracted data to any desired DTD or schema, ensuring valid XML
  • Derive new XML content not already in existing text data files using calculated fields
  • Reorder datasets based on XML requirements
  • Use filters to create XML documents that contain only data that meets the user's criteria
  • Overcome DTD limitations with VorteXML recognition engine that correctly interprets numeric, date and currency formats of text data

VorteXML Server

VorteXML Server is a scalable, high-volume server that enables users to easily automate the often arduous and lengthy process of transforming legacy data into valid XML. It is expressly designed to empower business users to quickly and easily transform their operational data into XML for popular e-business applications including bill and statement presentment, B2B interactions, legacy transformation and Web Services.

VorteXML Server offers users the ability to:

  • Convert high-volumes of text data to XML
  • Automate complex conversions and transformations
  • Invoke conversion remotely through a web service via Java, .NET or any other SOAP-enabled client
  • Run conversions on a recurring basis
  • Trigger XML conversions based on file creation

VorteXML Server takes advantage of Windows 2000 Server core technologies: COM+, MSMQ, and MSDE to provide a high volume XML conversion solution.

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