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Monarch Data Pump

de Datawatch

Monarch Data Pump es una solución para la conversión y distribución automatizada de datos, que obtiene la información de cualquier fuente de datos empresarial (incluyendo informes, bases de datos y hojas de cálculo) y la transforma en datos activos sin necesidad de programación.

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Create and Deliver Customized Enterprise Data in One Automated Solution?Without Programming
Gartner Group estimates that workers spend at least 10% of their time just looking for the information they need to perform a business task or make a decision. CIO Magazine once noted that the average executive wastes up to 82 minutes per day searching for needed information!

Too often, workers must wait for IT department assistance to correctly work with a complex database access tool to access customized data. Others resort to re-keying data from existing paper reports into MS Excel or Access in order to work with the data; a cumbersome and error-prone process. Either way, valuable work time is wasted, deadlines are missed, and opportunities are lost.

Organizations have invested heavily to collect data with enterprise systems, such as ERP systems, HR/payroll systems, and information systems designed for specific industries, such as healthcare and banking. Delivering such enterprise data to the right person at the right time, customized for specific business needs, will improve business performance and enhance competitiveness. But how can your organization easily create and deliver customized enterprise data, without a long, expensive and complex technology implementation?

Monarch Data Pump Version 7 (MDP7) is the answer. MDP7 combines Datawatch's latest Monarch Report Mining/Data Mining engine with the Microsoft .NET framework to provide a highly scalable and easily administered enterprise solution to acquire, combine, and monitor customized data, and deliver that data in a wide variety of formats, on an automatic, scheduled basis.

Only MDP7 can access, combine, customize and publish data mined from "unstructured" data sources, particularly existing reports, along with "structured" data sources, such as databases and spreadsheets, to fufill your organization's ETL and enterprise information delivery needs.

With MDP7, managers and workers throughout the organization, plus partners and customers outside the organization, can all receive the actionable, customized data they need without programming and without help from the IT department. MDP7 will help your organization expedite informed decision-making, identify new business opportunities, and resolve business issues before they become big problems, at a cost and ease of implementation that no other alternative enterprise solution can touch.

Monarch Data Pump 7 provides:

  • Quick and easy access to data, "mined" from existing reports and/or extracted from databases, spreadsheets and other data sources, without new programming
  • Automatic creation of highly customized data views to solve specific business needs
  • Automatically delivery of data in a variety of formats: upload customized data to databases such as SQL Server or Oracle via OLE DB; publish Excel, Access or other file formats via e-mail, file folder delivery or http WebDAV; publish data via an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) data feed
  • Easy scheduling of processes to run on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis, in any combination
  • Robust job logging and simple administration
  • Delivery of "alerts," such as alerts to managers and workers that select data is outside of predefined acceptable levels, etc.
    Optional additional scripting using VB.NET for further integration with your existing IT infrastructure
  • And much more
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