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CFD Analyzer 4.0

de Tecplot

CFD Analyzer es un add-on de Tecplot con capacidades extensivas para el postprocesado de datos CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

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CFD Analyzer is a Tecplot Add-on with extensive capabilities for post-processing CFD results.

When you?re analyzing CFD data with Tecplot, CFD Analyzer saves you time finding, extracting and processing the critical information. CFD Analyzer provides many of the functions commonly used to calculate variables and perform integrations. Count on CFD Analyzer to quickly get the most out of your data.

The function set is an enhanced version of the classic NASA PLOT3D Calculator concept. CFD Analyzer helps you examine grid quality, perform spatial integrations, generate particle trajectories, extract flow features, and estimate numerical errors.

CFD Analyzer loads automatically at run time, becoming part of Tecplot's menu. When selected, CFD Analyzer has its own set of dialogs, facilitating the use of its extensive analysis capabilities. Custom macro commands are also included, allowing features to be automated.

New Features in CFD Analyzer 4.0

1. Integrated Into Tecplot's Menu Bar
CFD Analyzer's main dialog has been eliminated and replaced with a CFD Analyzer pull-down menu in Tecplot's menu bar. This eliminates the blocked view caused by the old dialog.

2. Capability for Cell-Centered Data
All CFD Analyzer features have been modified to accommodate cell-centered variables. Additionally, the Calculate and Turbulence dialogs have a dropdown to allow the user to specify the location of new variables.

3. Auxiliary Data
CFD Analyzer will recognize and use zone and data set auxiliary data to store all dialog settings. It will not mark data sets as "changed," so the user will not be forced to save a new data file when saving a layout. This has additional important implications:
  • Data loaders like FLUENT and Plot3D can pass CFD Analyzer dialog settings (such as fluid properties or the identification of vector variables). CFD Analyzer uses these values to pre-set many of the dialog inputs.
  • CFD Analyzer dialog settings are maintained individually for each data set. Users can copy and paste settings between data sets.

4. New Options for Particles with Mass
  • Gravity and buoyancy. The Particle Mass Options dialog has additional controls to specify the magnitude and axis direction of gravity. The effect of buoyancy is activated when detailed mass options are specified.
  • Option for zero particle initial velocity. The user has the option of starting massed particles at zero initial velocity or at the local flow velocity for each release point.

  5. Create and Use Shared Variables
This feature is useful for (but is not restricted to) grid quality calculations for unsteady solutions where the grid variables are shared for all zones. The created grid quality variables in this case will also be shared.

6. Data Journaling
CFD Analyzer journals all data alterations to avoid changing the input data file when layouts are created. Journaled data-altering operations can be undone by selecting Undo from Tecplot's Edit menu.

7. Improved Calculation Performance

CFD Analyzer operations that frequently access the data set, such as calculating new variables, have been accelerated.

8. Blanking for Feature Extraction
For ordered zones only, separation/attachment lines and vortex cores can optionally not be calculated in blanked regions. This option is available through a new toggle in the Extract Flow Features dialog.

9. Continuous Gradients Across ZoneBoundaries
The user can enforce the calculation of continuous gradients when the "Connect Adjacent Zones" toggle is set in the Geometry and Boundaries dialog. Any zones whose boundary nodes overlap will have continuous (or nearly continuous) gradients across those zone boundaries as well.

10. New Tecplot 10 element type
The new FE line segment is now supported in CFD Analyzer.

System Requirements for CFD Analyzer 4.0

Platform UNIX PC Mac
Operating System SGI IRIX 6.5 or newer
Sun SPARC Solaris 7 or newer
Hewlett-Packard HPUX 11.0
or newer
IBM AIX 4.3.3 or newer
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Linux Kernel 2.2 or newer
Linux 64 Kernel 2.4 or newer
Mac OS X
(10.1.2 or newer)
Memory 64 MB
(256 MB or higher recommended)
64 MB
(256 MB or higher recommended)
128 MB
(256 MB or higher recommended)
Disk Space 100 MB minimum 100 MB minimum 100 MB minimum
Display OpenGL accelerated graphics card highly recommended OpenGL accelerated graphics card highly recommended OpenGL or Mesa accelerated graphics card highly recommended

* These specifications will allow CFD Analyzer to run and produce simple plots. Large datasets will require increased memory. The quality of your plots, especially for complex 3D plots, will be affected by the graphics capabilities of your machine.
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