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de Datawatch

Datawatch|Researcher le permite localizar rápidamente todos los datos y contenidos que precisa para tomar decisiones, así como agrupar sus búsquedas en documentos de investigación para la toma de decisiones colectiva.

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Datawatch|Researcher lets you quickly find all the data and all the content you need to make decisions, and assemble your findings into research papers for collaborative decision-making.

Datawatch|Researcher does this by:

  • integrating continuously updated data and content from disparate enterprise repositories, and
  • displaying the result in a form that can be easily viewed, compiled, and shared by others.

Datawatch|Researcher increases productivity, reduces errors, enhances collaboration in conjunction with document management and business-process management software and integrates all data and related documents into an integrated Metadata Library (iM Library) of meaningful and accessible information that can be shared by your teams.

You use an iM-Library to find all available information on the entities and transactions of your enterprise, in meaningful contexts (i.e., not just isolated facts), with just a few clicks of the mouse. You also use it to bring together materials for ad-hoc collaboration.

Carry Out Comprehensive Research Just Using Mouse Clicks
For example, say you are browsing through a "Researcher-aware" program that shows a report listing overdue invoices. You can follow these steps to carry out your "research":

  1. Click on any invoice number, and you are shown a web page with summarized information on the invoice and related data and content (e.g., the PO behind it, emails discussing it).
  2. Click on the customer name on that page, and you will be shown a web page with "master data" on the customer, as well as links to documents such as their contract with your firm.
  3. Click on a link to bring up an image of the contract. Or go to the toolbar on that web page and click on a button to bring up a list of other pages that refer to that customer.
  4. Use the list to find a history of previous issues with the customers that were discussed by others within your firm.
  5. Dig into that history to find out how others have dealt with the customer in the past.

In other words, you can find out everything in the firm's repositories concerning that customer, that invoice, and the products appearing on the invoice, etc, regardless of the source of the original data. You can carry out comprehensive research with a few clicks of the mouse.

Collaborate With Almost No Effort
As you browse through those various pages of the iM-Library, Datawatch|Researcher keeps track of what you viewed. This "history" helps you go back and forth between pages, if you wish. But more important, Researcher allows you to select portions from that history. You can put those together into a new web page collection -- a Research Paper -- which it will maintain for you.

Then, you can invite others in your firm to view your "research paper" and have them contribute to it. They can look for more pages with related data and add it to the paper. Or, they can trigger versioned updates to the original pages, reflecting changes to the underlying data. They can attach their own files (from their desktops). The contents of the "research paper" become an ad-hoc collaborative effort.

Author Books Just Once, and Let Datawatch|Researcher Update Them Automatically
iMergence Researcher provides you with all the tools you need to build an iM-library without any programming (except maybe for interfaces with non-standard repositories that consultants or I/T has to build when installing the system).

Once the installation is complete, you can define the Books that you want Datawatch|Researcher to generate automatically for the library. You only have to use the authoring tool to show Datawatch|Researcher how to assemble one page of a book -- say a Customer Master page. After that, Datawatch|Researcher will be able to generate that type of page for all customers, and update them as often as desired.

In no time at all, your iM-library will be full of the data and contents from your disparate sources.

Datawatch|Researcher Features

  • Correlated Searches
  • Summarize, compute, process and organize the data
  • Memorize and repeat user actions
  • Auto-update of pages of output
  • Attach desktop files to pages as needed
  • Auto-preservation of snapshots
  • Subject-based hyper-linking
  • Collaborative, recorded research

Datawatch|Researcher Benefits

  • Integrate data and content
  • Publish updated business information on demand
  • "Follow a trail" of investigation
  • Preserve the info behind decisions
  • For analysis, audit, or compliance
  • Collaborate to search for critical information and publish the findings
  • Build on knowledge from previous findings
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