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Datawatch|Enterprise Solution

de Datawatch

Datawatch|ES le ofrece análisis, distribución y archivado on-line de informes, sin necesidad de programar y con una completa seguridad. Los usuarios pueden ver informes desde sus navegadores con un simple clic, leer y añadir anotaciones a los informes, guardar secciones como PDF, ver los datos como un formulario XML on-line, analizar su contenido, y descargar la información a PDF, a Excel o a un cubo de datos multidimensional para un análisis mucho más detallado.

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Datawatch|ES is a web-enabled information delivery solution, providing the right reports and data to the right people, anytime, without programming!

The Datawatch|ES information delivery system offers:

  • Enterprise report management - secure report archival, accessible via the web!
  • Paperless web report distribution - users access only authorized report sections
  • Web data analysis - Datawatch|ES transforms reports into live data, for programming-free analysis!

Choose the functionality you need now and add more later
Datawatch|ES is a modular enterprise application built to meet a wide range of reporting and business intelligence needs. Every Datawatch|ES system starts with the ES Report base module and ES Collaboration module. All other modules are optional and can be added one at a time or in groups to enable new capabilities ranging from online analytics, Microsoft Excel support and forms-based viewing of report data.

ES Report is the base module on which Datawatch|ES is built, delivering core report management and distribution services for the entire enterprise. ES Report lets users easily locate and retrieve the specific report sections they need and view it in their browser with full security.

ES Report includes a full suite of collaboration tools, allowing Datawatch|ES users to work together with reports like never before. Users can view and add "sticky note" annotations to reports, share questions and comments with others using online discussion threads, and email report sections anytime.

All this is managed through a flexible Web-based administrative interface that allows Datawatch|ES administrators to manage all aspects of operation from anywhere, anytime.

ES Report features at a glance:

  • Complete report storage, retrieval and viewing
  • Powerful report indexing for fast retrieval of stored reports
  • Flexible, easy-to-use search engine and interface for users of all levels
  • Collaborative tools such as "sticky note" annotations, discussion threads and emailing
  • Export reports as PDF files
  • Web-based administration of all application functions including filing, maintenance and scheduling
  • User, group and role-based enterprise-wide security - each user only sees what you allow
  • Support for binary document storage

ES Style transforms any reports or other text output stored in ES Report into online XML forms. Virtually every industry needs to provide certain text-based reports within a form for viewing. Datawatch|ES Style provides this capability, including simple invoices, complex financial statements, healthcare claims and more. Users can easily search, view and print XML form-based content in their web browser.

ES Style features at a glance:

  • Automatic transformation of text output into XML forms, for online viewing
  • Includes flexible XML forms designer
  • Powerful printing capabilities

Analytics Modules

ES Spreadsheet is a powerful analysis add-on module to Datawatch|ES, using Monarch server technology to dynamically transform reports into browser-based or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets tables, summaries and charts. With ES Spreadsheet, Datawatch|ES transforms your enterprise reporting environment into a real-world data mart, enabling users to work with the data locked in the reports online, with no limitations.

ES Spreadsheet allows users to leverage the power of Microsoft Excel right through their browser. By just pointing and clicking, Datawatch|ES users can extract all report data, or a summarized view of the report data, into a live Microsoft Excel file downloaded automatically from the Web. Even better, ES Spreadsheet fully supports Excel templates. Users can choose to load data into an archived Excel template, predefined with pivot tables, charts, multi-sheet workbooks, macros and more, to bring data to life, fast! ES Spreadsheet also comes with the ES DBJoin component, which can combine data from reports with additional data from a separate source, such as an ODBC database, Excel or Access file, etc., and present the combined data in one view, without programming.

Simply put, the Datawatch|ES Report archive with ES Spreadsheet is the easiest way to integrate data from your core enterprise systems with Microsoft Office, without data warehousing and without custom programming!

ES Spreadsheet features at a glance:

  • User-initiated report data transformation in web or Excel spreadsheets
  • Browser-based tables viewing based on Monarch model technology
  • User-initiated sorts and filters for targeted data analysis
  • Powerful data summaries deliver multiple views of report data
  • Dynamic browser-based charting of summary data
  • Live linking of report data to other corporate data using ES DBJoin
  • User-initiated, server-based table and summary data exporting to Excel
  • Delivery of Excel output directly to local Excel through browser
  • Full support of Excel templates to leverage advanced MS Excel capabilities
  • Automatic Excel cell formatting and 65,000 row support

Datawatch|ES TotalView provides powerful, yet easy to use interactive analysis of report-based data, optionally linked with additional data sources, to meet real world reporting needs, expedite business workflow and better enable decision support, all without programming.

Datawatch|ES has long allowed users easy online access to reports, and data mined from reports, including exporting data to Excel. However, more and more report users are working with very large datasets, well in excess of Excel's sixty-five thousand-row limit. Plus, workers and managers require increased ad hoc analysis capabilities. Datawatch|ES TotalView fulfills enterprise demands for heavy-duty analysis of large datasets, using just a web browser.

Datawatch|ES TotalView is based on a new set of technologies that allow report users to seamlessly work with reports as if they were truly flexible datasets dynamically with no need to pre-define filters, sorts or groupings. Datawatch|ES TotalView allows report users to easily jump from greenbar report views to targeted, customizable data views with a simple click of the mouse. Once in a data view, users can dynamically sort, filter, group and total the data however it is needed with simple clicks of the mouse.

Datawatch|ES TotalView features at a glance:

  • Web-based, user-defined grouping, sorting and filtering of report data
  • Powerful, report/data joining feature allowing users to quickly join reports and reports and other data sources into consolidated analysis views
  • User-defined totals, columns and calculated fields
  • Link-to-source feature allowing direct linking from any row of data back to the original report source
  • Ability to save any data view definition for easy reuse.
  • High performance data mining architecture providing fast, mined access to even the largest report data sets
  • Enables third-party reporting on core text-based reports using Crystal Decisions, Actuate, Cognos and other report writing and analysis tools

ES Cube is an analysis module that extends Datawatch|ES' business intelligence capabilities into the multidimensional, dynamic analysis world. ES Cube transforms data selected from reports into a multidimensional data cube on the server, downloading it to the user's web browser. ES Cube provides the user with drag-and-drop analysis including summaries, graphs, filters and sorts, to view data from any angle, at any level of detail. Users have plenty of power to work with, in a user-friendly interface: drill down to the original data anytime; save any view for future use, export graphs or data to PDF, Word or Excel, and more!. ES Cube brings high-end data analysis to anyone in the enterprise who needs it!

ES Cube features at a glance:

  • Java-based, drag-and-drop report-based multidimensional analysis
  • Browser-based applet that automatically loads in the user's browser
  • Analysis of report data based on user queries and results
  • Support for saved user and administrative views of report data
  • PDF, Excel and Word exporting of all data and graph views

Productivity and Collaboration Modules

ES Collaboration is a set of tools built right in to the every Datawatch|ES system through the ES Report base module. ES Collaboration provides three capabilities that allow report-users to improve their productivity and overall corporate communication: report annotations, report discussion threads and view emailing. Report annotation provides users with the ability to annotate report documents with customized annotations in a post-it manner. Users can add comments to any area of a report document with a simple click of the mouse. Annotations can also be private or viewed by other individuals or groups based on user preferences. Report discussion threads are similar to annotations but allow multiple report users to share comments in a chat type environment about a specific report document.

ES Collaboration features at a glance:

  • Persistent, Post-It type annotations on any report area
  • Private or public annotations based on groups, roles and users
  • Mouse-over viewing of annotation comments
  • Persistent, easily accessible discussion threads
  • Emailing of report or data views directly through the browser

ES Subscription allows Datawatch|ES users or administrators to request an email-based notification when requested report data is online and available within the Datawatch|ES Report archive. Using a system of hyperlinks right in the email notification, ES Subscription provides secure, one-click access to pre-defined report search results. ES Subscription can poll the archive for results hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, and will automatically notify Datawatch|ES users when their desired reports are available. No need to log on and check if new reports are in the ES Report archive; as soon as it is added, ES Subscription will let you know!

ES Subscription features at a glance:

  • User and administrator defined email notifications
  • Automatic polling for results by the hour, day, week or month
  • Dynamic hyperlinking in notification emails for direct data access
  • Integrated security model for complete data security
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