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Collect CE

de Labtronics

Collect CE es una solución portátil que utiliza un sistema Pocket PC para capturar de forma eficaz y precisa las lecturas de pequeños instrumentos de laboratorio, como medidores de pH, lectores de códigos de barras, dinamómetros, espectrofotómetros y calibradores digitales.

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Portable Instrument Interfacing Solution
Collect CE is a portable solution that uses a Pocket PC to efficiently and accurately capture readings from minor laboratory instruments such as pH meters, bar code readers, force gauges, digital calipers and spectrophotometers.

Rather than dedicating a desktop PC to each instrument, you can place an RS232 cradle beside the instrument. To interface to the instrument, simply slide the Pocket PC into the cradle, select the test you want to perform and begin collecting data. When all of the samples are analyzed, move on to the next workstation and collect more data.

At convenient intervals, return the Pocket PC to a central PC and place the Pocket PC in its? cradle. New files from the Pocket PC are instantly uploaded (synchronized) with the desktop PC. If the PC has LIMS interfacing software, such as LimsLink, data from the Pocket PC can be automatically synchronized directly to the LIMS.

  • Microsoft® Pocket PC 2002 compatibility eliminates the need to dedicate a PC to each instrument
  • Pre-configured to work with most instruments
  • Collect data directly from your instrument into Pocket Excel® or any other Microsoft® Pocket PC 2002 application
  • Transfer worklists or other sample information from a central PC
  • Control cursor movement within applications
  • Store multiple instrument setups for use at different workstations
  • Support for multiple COM ports
  • Sophisticated interface for setup and RS232 communications troubleshooting

Cost Analysis
The combination of Pocket PC technology with Collect CE software provides a cost-effective solution that brings significant increases in efficiency to any lab. Eliminating the need to have a desktop PC beside each instrument dramatically reduces the cost of interfacing each instrument.

The relative cost of interfacing the instrument is now in line with the cost of the instrument. Additionally the interfacing solution requires very little space on the lab bench, further reducing the interfacing cost. The benefits of increased efficiency, and decreased transcription errors are easily cost-justified.

System Requirements
Collect CE runs on the Microsoft® Pocket PC 2002 operating system and has been fully tested using the IPAQ 3950 Pocket PC. Installation requires approximately 1.5 MB of storage space, and the Pocket PC must have an RS232 connection.

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