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de C&R Technologies

FloCAD es un módulo de Thermal Desktop® que permite al usuario desarrollar e integrar tanto sistemas de fluídos como térmicos dentro de un entorno basado en CAD.

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FloCAD is a Thermal Desktop® module that allows a user to develop and integrate both fluid and thermal systems within a CAD based environment. Like Thermal Desktop, FloCAD is a graphical user interface for SINDA/FLUINT. With FloCAD, the mechanics of building fluid submodels is very similar to that of building thermal submodels, with many of the commands working on components of both types of submodels. FloCAD adds the capability of modeling flow circuits, including fans and convective heat transfer, attached directly to the surfaces and solids representing PCB boards, chips, etc.

It is specifically targeted for electronic packaging design tasks, but since it provides full access to the powerful and general-purpose SINDA/FLUINT thermohydraulic analyzer, FloCAD will find use in other industries as well.

FloCAD is fully compatible with Thermal Desktop features, including full parameterization using spreadsheet-like variables and arbitrarily complex expressions as input, rather than hardwired numbers. This allows complex models to be rapidly manipulated using a few keystrokes, meaning that updating or maintaining a model is trivially easy, as is performing sensitivity studies and investigating what-if scenarios. This provides access to SINDA/FLUINT's Optimization and Reliability Engineering modules, which can be used to size components, maximize performance, find worst-case operating conditions (design cases), correlate models to test data, and even treat uncertainties statistically.

FloCAD Features

  • Generates flow networks and calculates convective heat transfer factors for input into C&R?s SINDA/FLUINT
  • Postprocesses temperatures, pressures, and flow rates for fast interpretation and impressive presentations
  • Faster model building and faster calculations than CFD mean more alternatives can be investigated, sizing and sensitivities performed, and models calibrated to tests
  • Access to 2D/3D thermal modeling unlike nongeometric FNM (fluid network modeling)
  • Automatic connection and apportionment of convection links (FLUINT ?ties?) to thermal surfaces
  • Full access to FLUINT fluid network modeling capabilities, with abbreviated inputs for common components
    • fans and pumps
    • flow passages and ducts
    • filters and loss elements
  • Arbitrary fluids including dry air, moist air (psychrometrics), water, water/glycol, ammonia, and PAO. Accepts user-defined fluids as well
  • Enables concurrent engineering for thermal analysts by providing full access to CAD-based geometry and CAD model building methods without compromising good modeling practices
  • Imports and exports IGES and STEP CAD geometry
  • Uses CAD geometry directly, or accepts snap-on thermal surfaces
  • Stretch and reshape surfaces directly on the screen in addition to traditional form-based inputs
  • Offers true curved geometric surfaces: cones, spheres, etc. avoiding thousands of tiny facets
  • Imports TRASYS, TSS, STEP-TAS, and Nevada geometry models.
  • User-defined symbols and expressions add spreadsheet-like parametric modeling
  • Dynamic link to SINDA/FLUINT for on-the-fly recalculations and access to logic, parametrics, optimization, statistical design
  • K-factor resistance utility for common fittings
  • Helper utilities for calculating flow lengths and flow areasEasy to use tool bars provide quick access to FloCAD commands
  • Extensive CAD functions make model building fast and effective: Boolean, revolved, extruded surfacesLayer management
  • Multiple port views with store/recall
  • Snap-on entity building
  • Drag and Drop model editing
  • User-defined light sources
  • Wireframe, hidden, and rendered views
  • Multiple undo command
  • Exploits inexpensive PC platforms
  • Incredibly easy to learn and use with the assistance of step-by-step tutorials
  • Expansibility: FloCAD is an optional module of C&R?s CAD-based Thermal Desktop®, which handles conduction and capacitance in surfaces and solids, features arbitrary (nongeometric) nodes, and supports FEM models including innovative automatic network simplification techniques, and mapping to codes such as NASTRAN and SDRC?s FEMAP®, IDEAS/FEA®, and IDEAS/TMG®. 
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