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Equity Analysis System

de Harmonic Software

Equity Analysis System es un sistema integrado para adquirir, analizar y crear gráficas e informes sobre el mercado de valores. El sistema puede realiza gráficas de final de día en detalle, así como análisis técnicos (TA) sobre datos actuales e históricos de varios instrumentos financieros.

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EAS, The Equity Analysis System is an integrated system for acquiring, analyzing, charting, and creating reports of equity data. The system can perform in depth end-of-day charting and Technical Analysis (TA), on current or historical data of various financial instruments. EAS provides outstanding charting and development capability for analyzing financial markets.

Charting Extras
EAS has several "point & click" features that allow price data queries, the drawing of trendlines, zoom/unzoom capabilities, text annotation and target price establishment based on common chart patterns. Many future enhancements are planned including trading system testing, stop price risk assessment and portfolio management features. A sample price/volume chart is shown below.

Free Data
EAS was designed to be an inexpensive tool that interfaces with data that can be downloaded from various locations on the internet at no cost. It can also interface with other popular data formats such as Metastock ASCII files or comma delimited (.csv) data set up in the proper format. This is a great advantage since most commercial TA software requires a data download service and charges a monthly subscription fee. A data service could also be used with EAS if one were so inclined. The data would need to be translated into a format that EAS can understand, however.

Technical Analysis Development
Aside from the standard charting features provided EAS can be used to create unique TA chart studies utilizing the user's own thoughts and ideas on how price and volume data could be manipulated and displayed. This requires a bit of programming knowledge for more complicated analysis or for manipulating simpler chart studies using some of the included functions. This is an exciting capability since the TA field is constantly evolving and a trader or investor needs to use the tools he or she is most comfortable with to make decisions. The capability to create unique indicators opens up a whole new world of experimentation. What better tool is there than one you as an investor/trader fully understand because you created it! This capability has typically been available only on high-end (i.e. expensive) trading platforms. EAS has been designed from the ground up to be a useful tool. It can be as complicated as you want to get or analysis can be as simple as a point and click away.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, or XP
  • O-Matrix version 5.2 or greater


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