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Data Access Toolbox for O-Matrix

de Harmonic Software

Data Access Toolbox es un add-on de O-Matrix que permite al programa cargar datos de bases de datos y otros orígenes de datos compatibles con ODBC usando SQL.

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The Data Access Toolbox is an O-Matrix add-on that enables O-Matrix to load data from databases and other ODBC compliant data sources using SQL, (Structure Query Language). Using the Data Access Toolbox with O-Matrix enables the technical analysis and visualization of SQL-based data and simplifies the development of sophisticated data mining and business intelligence applications.

  • Interfaces with ODBC compliant data sources such as Microsoft Access, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL
  • Executes SQL queries directly from within O-Matrix
  • Provides an easy-to-use set of data access functions to simplify the process of data retrieval
  • Enables you to retrieve and combine results from multiple data sources
  • Provides efficient data retrieval for both local and network based data sources

SQL databases provide an efficient and convenient method to centrally locate and manage scientific and business-oriented data sets. Multi-gigabyte data sets are easily managed and using the Data Access Toolbox you can sub-sample, analyze and visualize subsets of data at run time.

System Requirements

  • O-Matrix 5.5 or greater
  • Windows NT, 2000, or XP
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