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de Dynaflow

3DYNAPL es un paquete de representación tridimensional disponible para Windows que permite al usuario visualizar mallados 3D y contornos de color de objetos.

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3DYNAPL is a three dimensional plotting package available for Windows 98 and Windows NT, 2000 and XP. It enables the user to view 3D wire frame and color contour plots of objects. The 3D object can be manipulated, rotated, zoomed, and triangular elements of the shape can be shaded in color representing the amplitude of a selected quantity, such as velocity, pressure, etc.

3DYNAPL, can be used as a preprocessor and a post-processor for 3DYNAFS. It can show time evolution of a deforming shape, such as a free surface, a bubble interface, or a deforming structure.

Needed input are one file or a set of successively evolving coordinates files, and a connectivity file.

Results can be used to generate animated graphics such as in the avi movie below representing an Underwater Explosion over a cylinder.

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