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Intel Trace Analyzer

de Intel

Intel Trace Analyzer permite analizar gráficamente trazas de eventos en tiempo de ejecución de Intel Trace Collector. Intel Trace Analyzer representa el comportamiento en múltiples formatos. Las visualizaciones de la línea de tiempos, del paralelismo, de la comunicación y de datos estadísticos le ayudan a examinar la ejecución del programa y las operaciones de comunicación.

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Intel® Cluster Tools assist developers and managers of distributed systems to obtain the best performance.
Intel® Trace Analyzer provides a convenient way to graphically analyze the runtime event traces of Intel® Trace Collector, allowing developers to quickly focus on the desired level of detail. Intel Trace Analyzer provides several graphical displays for visualizing application runtime behavior. The timeline and parallelism display shows per-process application activities and message passing along a time axis. Source code location is available with the required compiler support. Statistical displays help developers visualize the analysis of program execution and communication operations. Most displays are available in global and preprocess variants. The timeline view can be zoomed and scrolled. Statistics can be restricted to arbitrary portions of the timeline display.

Graphically Analyze Runtime Event Traces

  • Ease of use ? Provides a convenient way to graphically analyze runtime event traces produced by MPI and other applications, enabling developers to quickly focus on the desired level of detail to find performance hotspots and bottlenecks
  • Hierarchical displays ? Addresses display scalability, allowing developers to navigate through the trace data at different levels of abstraction (cluster, node, and process)
  • Variety of graphical displays ? Provides important aspects of the application runtime behavior in detailed and aggregate views
  • Timeline views and parallelism display ? Displays application activities, source code locations of events, and message-passing along a time axis, allowing developers to visualize the concurrent behavior of parallel applications, and to calculate statistics on demand for specific time intervals and processes
  • Communication statistics ? Provides communication metrics for an arbitrary time interval and message-length distribution
  • Execution statistics ? Displays subroutine execution metrics for an arbitrary time interval and shows call-tree comparisons between different program runs

Features and Benefits

  • Display application activities and message ? passing along a time axis to help visualize concurrent behavior of parallel applications
  • Focus on the desired level of detail to identify performance hotspots and bottlenecks
  • View a hierarchical display to address display scalability
  • Identify communication hotspots
  • Analyze the performance of subroutines or code blocks
  • Learn about communication patterns, parameters, and performance
  • Evaluate load balancing

Graphical User Interface Provides Display Variants

Most displays are available in global and per-process variants. Statistics can be restricted to arbitrary parts of the trace. Multiple traces produced by the same application can be compared to assess optimizations. With a fast, graphical user interface, developers can easily control displays and statistics on large data sets by using:

  • Object point-and-zoom for enhanced detail
  • Context-sensitive sub-menus
  • Coupled displays with automatic updates of statistics recomputation

Intel® Premier Support Included with Every License

Every purchase of an Intel® Software Development Product includes a year of support services, which provides access to Intel® Premier Support and all product updates during that time. Intel Premier Support gives you online access to technical notes, application notes, and documentation. Install the product, and then register to get support and product update information.

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