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Intel VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux

de Intel

El analizador Intel VTune para Linux le ayuda a localizar y solucionar cuellos de botella en el rendimiento del software, mediante la recogida, análisis y visualización de datos de su sistema a nivel de funciones, módulos e instrucciones. Ofrece una interfaz nativa de línea de comandos para Linux y soporta aplicaciones basadas en procesadores Itanium e IA-32.

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Intel® VTune? analyzers help locate and remove software performance bottlenecks by collecting, analyzing, and displaying system-wide performance data down to the source level.

Intel® VTune? Performance Analyzer for Linux does this through advanced profiling technologies. Key highlights include a fully native Linux command line interface with support for Intel® Itanium® and IA-32 processor-based applications, as well as Java applications executed on IA-32 processor-based Linux systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Platform flexibility ? The latest Intel processors are supported including Intel® Itanium® 2, Pentium® 4 processors; Pentium M processor, a component of Intel® Centrino? mobile technology§; and Intel® Xeon? processors
  • This fully Linux-based solution eliminates the need for an Intel® VTune? analyzer graphical user interface on a second, networked Windows system, as required with Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 7.0 and its Linux remote agents
  • Event-based, system-wide sampling provides developers with the most accurate representation of their software's actual performance, with negligible overhead
  • Call graph profiling offers a graphical high-level, algorithmic view of program execution based on instrumentation of binary executable files that produce function calling sequence data
  • Command line capability allows developers the flexibility to collect sampling and call graph data through a choice of scripting languages including PERL

What?s New in VTune Performance Analyzer 2.0 for Linux

  • The VTune analyzer for Linux provides event-based sampling and call graph output on the flow of control of Linux applications on Itanium as well as IA- 32 processors. Source View is now available, allowing developers to drill down to the source code level.
  • The new Call Graph Viewer provides graphical capability for viewing call graph results. The viewer is a plug-in that installs on and works with VTune Performance Analyzer 2.0 for Linux.
  • Support for several new Linux distributions including their default versions of kernel, glibc, libstdc++, and glib has been added to Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 2.0 for Linux. The new Itanium processor distribution supports Red Hat Linux versions WS 2.1 and ES 2.1. Also, a newly supported distribution for IA-32 processor-based Linux applications has been added: SuSE Linux 9.0. (See the product release notes for the most up-to-date list of supported operating systems.)
  • VTune Analyzer Driver Kit allows you to compile the VTune analyzer driver for your custom kernel environment for the supported distributions. The kit includes open source driver sources, install scripts, documentation, and binaries for supported kernels.
  • Java application profiling on supported distributions for IA-32 processor-based Linux applications has been added. Sampling and call graph profiling options can now be enabled for Java applications. Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) from BEA, IBM, and Sun are supported.
  • The new Getting Started tutorial teaches the basic concepts and functionality of the VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux. It can export sampling data files for viewing to another VTune Analyzer system as well as to a VTune Analyzer 7.1 system.

Expose Bottlenecks and Hotspots

VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux offers you a view into the Linux application, exposing bottlenecks and hotspots in the code, allowing you to easily pinpoint areas in the code that can be improved. Your Linux application can gain outstanding performance, providing a competitive advantage.

Supports Intel® Architecture-Compatible Processors

VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux supports the latest Intel processors including IA-32-based and Itanium-based systems as well as multiple Linux distributions and kernels. The tool includes the Intel VTune Performance Analyzer Driver Kit that allows you to compile the VTune analyzer driver for your custom kernel environment for the supported distributions.

Intel® Premier Support

Every purchase of an Intel® Software Development Product includes a year of support services, which provides access to Intel® Premier Support and all product updates during that time. Intel Premier Support gives you online access to technical notes, application notes, and documentation. Install the product, and then register to get support and product update information.

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