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eta/VPG (Virtual Proving Ground) es un nuevo y revolucionario software de análisis de sistemas. Este completo software CAE ofrece una solución de simulación basada en eventos de problemas dinámicos no lineales. Integrado durante las etapas iniciales del diseño, eta/VPG reduce tiempos y costes, y mejora la calidad.

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The eta/VPG software application is revolutionary. Integrated at an earlier stage of the design process, eta/VPG reduces time, reduces costs and improves quality. eta/VPGs unique analysis approach, not available with any other CAE product, now allows the automotive industry to achieve its quest of reducing time-to-market and prototype costs.

This streamlined CAE software package provides an event-based simulation solution of non-linear dynamic problems. eta/VPGs single software package overcomes the limitations of existing CAE analysis methods. It is design to analyze the behavior of mechanical and structural systems, as simple as linkages, and as complex as full vehicles for vehicle impact, durability and vibration analysis.

Delivered in 3 independent modules, eta/VPG can be tailored to the needs of the user, providing a set of tools which improve productivity, increase quality and yet are affordable.


Building finite element models can be a tedious, demanding task. VPG/PrePost provides users an advanced toolset to create complex models, and review the results of the analysis.

VPG/PrePost includes best-of-class automeshing tools that produce high quality meshes that meet the demands of todays fast-paced product development schedules.

Automated Weld Generation
By automating much of the tedious modeling work, VPG can increase productivity while improving the quality of models. Automated generation of spotwelds accelerates the model creation process by allowing users to select from a variety of spotweld methods for their model.

Zero Text Editing Environment
All model parameters can be defined inside VPG, eliminating the need for external text editing operations. VPG/PrePost allows users to define every possible material, contact or element type available in NASTRAN or LS-DYNA.


VPG/Structure has provided engineers with the ability to study the dynamic behavior of their mechanical systems like no other analysis tool. Including component flexibility within the simulation is a natural extension of the VPG analysis and provides a unique insight for the engineer.

Suspension System Templates
VPG/Structure includes templates which allow the creation of typical automotive suspensions. Creation of a complex suspension model is as easy as following the process guidance tools. VPG also includes an interface which allows the engineer to import legacy ADAMS models for an easy upgrade to a high fidelity VPG simulation.

Tire Modeling
Tire models are the key to a successful, accurate vehicle simulation. VPGs tire models provide an accurate way to simulate the vehicle and roadway interaction. Tire models may be generated using several different modeling options within VPG.

Signal Processing and Fatigue Calculation
eta/VPG includes signal processing tools that can be used to study the dynamic behavior in detail. Using these tools, mode shapes may be reconstructed and displayed. eta/VPG also includes a fatigue analysis program which can evaluate the dynamic stress history of the model, and determine the potential of durability concerns.


VPG/Safety delivers a complete set of automotive impact and safety tools for FMVSS and ECE requirements. These tools allow engineers to quickly set-up and execute complex vehicle simulations. VPG/Safety automates much of the model set-up process, but provides the engineer the flexibility needed to address a variety of analysis needs.

Process Guidance Tools
Parameterization of the process used to create impact analysis models can result in productivity and quality improvements for common impact analyses as well as creating a consistent process for a department or company.

VPG/Safetys Process Guidance approach provides a way to easily specify the position and boundary conditions for impact analysis tools such as barriers and dummies.

Crash Tool Library
VPGs Crash Tool Library provides the user the tools necessary to perform the FMVSS or ECE analyses used for vehicle development. Users may customize the library with their own crash tools or use VPGs barriers and dummies to create simulations such as US or ECE Side Impact, Head Impact or seat mounting integrity.

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