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Modulo que permite la intercomunicacion de archivos entre ZAERO y NE/NASTRAN.

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ZAERO by ZONA Technologies Inc., has extensive capabilities in the  areas of aero-elasticity, aeroservoelasticity, unsteady aerodynamics and  structural dynamics. Since its incorporation in 1986, ZONA has been serving the aerospace structural dynamics community through contractual work and software licensing support.


  • High Fidelity Geometry module to model full aircraft with  stores/nacelles.
  • Flight regimes that cover all Mach numbers including transonic/hypersonic ranges.
  • Unified Mach AIC matrices as archival data entities for repetitive structural design/analysis.
  • Matched/non-matched point flutter solutions using K / P-K / g methods with true damping.
  • Built-in Flutter Mode Tracking procedure with structural parametric  sensitivity analysis.
  • 3D Spline module provides accurate FEM/Aero displacements and forces transferal.
  • Modal Data Importer to process all NASTRAN/FEM modal output.
  • Dynamic Memory and Database Management Systems establish subprogram  modularity.
  • Open architecture allows user direct access to data entities
  • Bulk Data Input minimizes user learning curve while relieving user input burden
  • Graphic display of aerodynamic models, Cp's, flutter  modes/ curves with PATRAN/TECPLOT/EXCEL, etc.
  • Executive control allows massive flutter/ASE/Gust inputs and solution  outputs.




2004, Aertia, S.L.