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B2 Spice v5 es la última versión de uno de los más populares y potentes simuladores EDA para la automatización del diseño electrónico, que ofrece nuevos estándares en facilidad de uso, potencia y prestaciones. B2 Spice contiene numerosas funciones que permiten desde la simulación de complejos circuitos digitales hasta diseños de radio frecuencia.

B2 Spice v5 is the latest version of the popular and powerful mixed mode EDA (Electronic Design Automation) simulator, with new standards in ease-of-use, power, and capabilities. B2 Spice contains a plethora of additional features, from complex digital circuits to radio frequency simulation and PCB design and includes a standard library of over 25,000 parts. There's no limit on the size of your design and results are easy to understand and interpret.


  • Intuitive User Interface - toolbar, tab, and button driven for more intuitive control
  • Virtual Instruments - oscilloscope, ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, distortion meters, and MORE.
  • "Live Circuit" Parameters that can be altered as a simulation is running. Results displayed on virtual instruments or on the schematic via circuit animation
  • Parts Browser with customizable Parts Palette
  • Curve Tracer to plot the behavior of a device before you place it in your circuit.
  • Simulation mode - continuous transient simulation
  • Multiple level tests - Multiple parameter sweeps or Monte Carlo sweeps in ANY test
  • "Real-world" devices model performance of actual parts such as capacitors, resistors, and inductors.
  • Circuit Wizard to step you through the creation of the most commonly used circuit configurations
  • Graphing module - complete control over all aspects of the graph.
  • Tabbed window projects to keep all the documents in a project in one Window.
  • Cross Probing that interactively updates the graph as you add or move the probes around the circuit.
  • Circuit Visualization to display the actual current flow through the circuit and the relative voltage relationships by varying the wire's display color.
  • Quick, easy, and intuitive schematic entry
  • Export to and import from Eagle, a world leader in PCB software.
  • 12 powerful tests
  • 25,000 digital and analog parts including hundreds of REALISTIC behavioral models for such parts as resistors, inductors and capacitors.
  • Parameterized subcircuits
  • Create a part from any circuit
  • Password protected defects
  • Shared models
  • Database editor to import and manage the library of parts
  • Integrated symbol editor to create custom device symbols
  • Improved schematics with DIN and ANSI symbols
  • RF simulations and network analysis
  • Schematic borders and title-box for professional output
  • Smith and polar plots
  • Intuitive, full featured schematic editor cut, copy and paste of selected items
  • Undo support
  • Full device rotation
  • Device mirroring
  • Repeat placement of a device
  • Easy to draw and edit wires
  • Browse-able, filterable, device libraries
  • User-defined devices and symbols
  • Complete macro device capability
  • Rubber banding of wires and devices
  • Annotation of devices
  • Quick menu selection of commonly used parts
  • Zoom in or out on an area or item with custom zoom factors
  • Fit circuit to window function
  • User-selectable colours
  • Export circuit drawings and waveforms supports all Microsoft Windows driven printers and plotters
  • Modification of devices and symbols in schematic
  • Control over fonts and colours in schematic
  • Export SPICE3 compatible net lists
  • Generate SPICE3 sub circuits from the circuit
  • Create part from the circuit
  • View steady state results directly in the schematic
  • View node numbers
  • Colour coded digital wire states
  • Copy circuit picture to the clipboard for pasting into other applications
  • Print circuit to any output device

Library Management:

  • Import your existing SPICE subcircuits and models into parts library
  • Easily create and modify parts in database
  • Modify symbols for the parts
  • Match up symbol pins with model pins to reliably create parts
  • Modify parameters for behavioural models
  • Modify parameters for all Spice models
  • Specify manufacturer, description, and category for parts and models
  • Parts, models, and symbols are stored in a Microsoft Access database file

Parts Library of over 30,000 parts:

  • All parts in Berkeley Spice 3F5 and XSpice are included in the parts library
  • Many digital parts from the most popular libraries.
  • Parts from vendors such as AMP, APEX, Burr-Brown, Comlinear, Elantec, Linear Technology, Maxim, Motorola, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, and more.
  • Many types of parts specified as subcircuits including Zener diodes, power MOSFET?s, operational amplifiers
  • Many types of digital parts, including gates, inverters, counters, registers, buffers, coder/decoders, mux/demuxes, and more.

Additional parts specified at a behavioural level including:

  • Analogue phase locked loop, continuous S domain transfer function, peak detector, sample and hold circuit, Schmitt trigger/ bistable network, voltage noise source, current noise source, piecewise linear system, discrete time Z domain transfer function, and operational amplifier.
  • These behaviour model parts can be customized from their behavioural parameters:
    Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Coupled inductors, diode, switches, Bjt, jfet, mosfet (all 6 models), mesfet, lossless transmission line, lossy transmission line, uniform RC line, Controlled sources, voltage and current sources.
  • Arbitrary source which can be used to model non-linear resistors and other parts.
  • Parameterised sub circuits give you the ability to alter sub circuit part behaviour.

Highly Accurate Simulations

  • Run simulation directly from schematic, or from a text window containing a spice deck 32-bit code: DC Bias, DC Sweep, AC Sweep, Transient, Monte Carlo, Noise, Distortion, Fourier, Pole/zero, sensitivity, and transfer function simulations
  • Show Device and Model parameters in a text window after the simulator has calculated them.
  • Full set of SPICE and XSpice options, including error tolerances, iteration limits, MOSFET defaults and more.
  • Pause or stop simulation at any time.
  • Digital command and vector files give you complete control over digital simulations view simulation results as the data is being collected
  • Intuitive interface for setting bias point initial guess and transient initial conditions
  • Multifunction signal generators (sine, single frequency FM, exponential, pulse, sawtooth, triangle, piecewise linear)
  • Multimeters (measure DC or AC voltage, current)
  • Unlimited number of instruments
  • Full screen analogue waveform analysis
  • Full screen digital trace
  • View any number of waveform simultaneously
  • Plot voltage, current, frequency response and dc characteristics
  • View results in tables and/or graphs
  • Log of simulation progress, errors, warnings, and statistics provided with each simulation run

Graph Editor

  • Zoom in or out on a specific point with a magnifying glass cursor
  • Stretch the plot horizontally or vertically
  • Squeeze the plot horizontally or vertically
  • Scroll around the graph
  • Create your plots by simply entering mathematical expressions
  • Value labelling of the X and Y axes for all graphics windows
  • Find and label maximums and minimums
  • Group plots by families or control them individually
  • Measurement of differences between specific points on a graph
  • Measurement cursors provide quick and accurate measurements in all analysis windows
  • Non-linear math functions
  • Ability to include ?deep? plots of sub circuit nodes
  • Highlight any plot by clicking on its name in the legend
  • Zoom in on any plot in the graph by control-clicking on its name
  • Unlimited number of plots
  • Set plot colours
  • Show or hide any plot
  • Set graph font
  • Set log or linear scales for x and y axes
  • Set graph title
  • Specify engineering or scientific notation
  • Copy graph picture to the clipboard for pasting into other applications
  • Print graph to any output device


B2 Spice v5 Professional 399,00 €

B2 Spice v5 Standard 249,00 €

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