TradingSolutions Suite

de NeuroDimension

TradingSolutions incluye cerca de 50 variaciones de 5 redes neuronales entre las que escoger para el análisis del mercado de valores, lo que la convierte en la solución más flexible de técnicas de análisis basadas en redes neuronales.

TradingSolutions includes over 50 variations of 5 neural network architectures to choose from, which offers more flexibility than any other neural-network-based technical analysis package on the market. However, for advanced users who would like to extend the neural network functionality of TradingSolutions, we offer the TradingSolutions Suite.

The TradingSolutions Suite is the combination of either TradingSolutions End-Of-Day or TradingSolutions Real-Time, and three neural network development tools: NeuroSolutions (Developers Lite level), NeuroSolutions for Excel and the Custom Solution Wizard (Developers level). When combined, these tools extend the neural modeling capabilities of TradingSolutions to give power users all the flexibility they need to turn their own neural network designs into profits.

With the TradingSolutions Suite you have an infinite number of neural network topologies at your disposal, allowing you to solve even the most challenging financial forecasting problems.


Trading Solutions Suite End of Day 3.995,00 €

Trading Solutions Suite Real Time 4.995,00 €

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