by Field Precision, Inc.

1D and 2D simulations of shock hydrodynamics and detonations.

KB is a comprehensive package of software, documents and reference materials for simulations of shock hydrodynamics and detonations. The programs have application to high-pressure shock research, gas guns, personnel protection, underwater detonations and the design of precision high-explosive assemblies. The interactive programs are easy to learn and have powerful graphics capabilities. KB includes complete documentation with tutorials, ready-to-run examples and reviews of essential physics. (Available for Linux and Windows).


  • Self-contained package - all programs and data resources for detonation and shock hydrodynamic simulations supplied.
  • KB1 code handles 1D planar, cylindrical and spherical geometries. KB2 performs 2D Lagrangian simulations in planar and cylindrical geometries.
  • Includes Mesh 5.0, standard Field Precision conformal triangle mesh generator with built-in drawing editor and DXF translation capability.
  • Includes collection of 145 EOS tables for materials at extreme density and pressure (adapted from the LANL Sesame Tables).
  • Includes KBTView, interactive hydrodynamic plotter and calculator (Hugoniot curves, isentropes, ...).
  • Interactive postprocessors allow quick and accurate analyses of results from KB1 and KB2. Extensive features include hardcopy output to all Windows printers, digital oscilloscope mode,...
  • PDF tutorials on shock physics and numerical modeling.
  • Inludes structured FORTRAN 95 module to load EOS tables and to perform interpolations (routines can be integrated into user programs).
  • Publication-quality hardcopy with support for all Windows print devices (including color printers).
  • Data resources include experimental values of shock velocity as a function of particle velocity for over 400 materials and table of explosive properties.
  • Includes useful utility to launch any KB program and to organize data files.
  • Includes a library of ready-to-run input files address of variety of hydrodynamic and detonation problems.
  • Formatted text output files make it easy to transfer information to user applications or to mathematical analysis programs.


Price list
KB 3.950,00

2004, Aertia, S.L.